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int zebra_process_one ( zebra_processor_t processor,
int  timeout 

process from the video stream until a result is available, or the timeout (in milliseconds) expires. specify a timeout of -1 to scan indefinitely (zebra_processor_set_active() may still be used to abort the scan from another thread). if the library window is visible, video display will be enabled.

that multiple results may still be returned (despite the name).
>0 if symbols were successfully decoded, 0 if no symbols were found (ie, the timeout expired) or -1 if an error occurs

Definition at line 697 of file processor.c.

References zebra_image_scanner_enable_cache(), zebra_process_one(), zebra_video_enable(), and zebra_video_get_fd().

Referenced by zebra::Processor::process_one(), and zebra_process_one().

    if(proc_lock(proc) < 0)
    int rc = 0;
    if(proc->video) {
        zebra_image_scanner_enable_cache(proc->scanner, 1);
        rc = zebra_video_enable(proc->video, 1);
        /* FIXME failure recovery? */
        int vid_fd = zebra_video_get_fd(proc->video);
        if(vid_fd >= 0)
            add_poll(proc, vid_fd, proc_video_handler);
        proc->active = 1;
        proc_event_wait(proc, EVENT_OUTPUT, timeout);
        rc = zebra_video_enable(proc->video, 0);
        if(vid_fd >= 0)
            remove_poll(proc, vid_fd);
        proc->active = 0;
        proc->events &= ~EVENT_INPUT;
        zebra_image_scanner_enable_cache(proc->scanner, 0);
        rc = -1;

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