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int zebra_image_scanner_set_config ( zebra_image_scanner_t scanner,
zebra_symbol_type_t  symbology,
zebra_config_t  config,
int  value 

set config for indicated symbology (0 for all) to specified value.

0 for success, non-0 for failure (config does not apply to specified symbology, or value out of range)
See also:

Definition at line 277 of file img_scanner.c.

References zebra_decoder_set_config(), and zebra_image_scanner_set_config().

Referenced by zebra::ImageScanner::set_config(), zebra_image_scanner_parse_config(), zebra_image_scanner_set_config(), and zebra_processor_set_config().

    return(zebra_decoder_set_config(iscn->dcode, sym, cfg, val));

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