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int zebra_window_attach ( zebra_window_t window,
void *  x11_display_w32_hwnd,
unsigned long  x11_drawable 

associate reader with an existing platform window. This can be any "Drawable" for X Windows or a "HWND" for windows. input images will be scaled into the output window. pass NULL to detach from the resource, further input will be ignored

Definition at line 51 of file window.c.

References zebra_window_attach(), and zebra_window_draw().

Referenced by zebra::Window::attach(), zebra_processor_init(), zebra_window_attach(), and zebra_window_destroy().

    /* release image */
    zebra_window_draw(w, NULL);
    if(w->cleanup) {
        w->cleanup = NULL;
        w->draw_image = NULL;
    if(w->formats) {
        w->formats = NULL;
    return(_zebra_window_attach(w, display, drawable));

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